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Agriculture Drone

Weed Spraying

Effective weed control in challenging areas like hilly ground, wetlands, and waterways can be a daunting task. However, our specialized machines and precise spraying techniques offer a reliable solution for tackling weeds before they become a major problem, reducing chemical usage and ensuring accurate coverage.

We offer an effective solution for controlling challenging weeds in areas such as hilly terrain, wetlands, and near waterways. Our machines are designed to address these areas before weed infestations become a significant issue. By utilizing spot spraying techniques, we can efficiently target smaller areas, reducing the need for excessive chemical usage. Additionally, for larger patches of weeds or pasture weeds, we employ an automated spray route to ensure accurate coverage.

Our pricing structure is designed to be cost-effective for various scenarios. We charge based on the time the drone spends in the air, making it an economical option for patchy weed infestations. Alternatively, for larger areas, we offer a per-hectare rate.

To address different job requirements, we have a versatile approach. For smaller areas, we employ manual operation, enabling quick and precise spraying. In cases of larger spot jobs or blanket areas, we utilize our surveying drone to fly over the designated area. With the help of GPS and RTK technology, we generate a precise spray plan, ensuring accurate coverage and the protection of nearby sensitive areas.

Image by Benjamin Kaufmann

Our drone's propellers generate optimal air pressure, allowing for excellent herbicide penetration. Additionally, our pumps are meticulously calibrated to ensure even distribution across the target area. The adjustable droplet size of our drone's nozzles enables us to minimize spray drift, even in windy conditions.

We have the capability to spray various types of weeds, and we offer a range of chemicals in stock, or you have the option to provide your own.

We spray these weeds among others: 

  • Gorse

  • Broom

  • Blackberry

  • Manuka

  • Pines

  • Willows

  • Conifers

  • Californian thistles

  • Horehound

  • Ragwort

  • Bracken

  • Old man’s beard

  • Lupins.

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