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How Does A Spray Drone Work?

Our XAG drone is built specifically for spraying/seeding. It has an onboard pump system and four atomizer nozzles that can deliver a variable flow rate and droplet size. The downwards thrust of the motor pushes the spray into the crop/weed allowing for excellent penetration. The drone gets its instructions either manually from a pilot or automatically from a pre-planned route. The drone is powered by a large Lithium Polymer battery. Our batteries are able to charge fast enough to enable continuous operation. We also use an automated tank refilled that limits chemical exposure.

How Do You Charge For Your Services?

We offer two pricing options: hourly or per hectare. The hourly rate applies only when the drone is in the air, making it cost-effective for spot spray jobs and smaller areas. The per-hectare rate depends on terrain and water usage. Contact us for pricing and a free quote. We also charge a modest travel fee per kilometer from the edge of Tauranga.

What insurance do you have?

  • Public, Product and Statutory Liability ($5,000,000 cover)

  • Aerial application Liability ($2,500,000)

  • UAV physical loss or damage - to keep us running if the unthinkable happens and we have a crash

Where do you operate?

We are based in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and server the most of the North Island.

What certification do you hold?

At Agrodrone, we prioritize safety when it comes to drone operations, especially during spraying missions. We are extensively trained and hold the following qualifications and certifications:

  • CAA Part 102 unmanned aircraft operator certificate

  • RPAS Part 102 Pilot Certificate

  • Pilot chemical rating

  • UAV agricultural rating

Do you have a health and safety plan?

Absolutley! Our Part 102 Operator Manual includes a detailed Health and Safety section covering hazard identification, training, aircraft maintenance, and accident investigation/reporting. Safety is our top priority.

How can I be sure the drone sprays evenly?

The spray system we employ utilizes a variable rate pump capable of automatically determining the delivery rate by considering its speed and swath size. Our pumps and seeding system can be precisely calibrated to guarantee accuracy. We have the flexibility to finely adjust our application rate, ranging from as little as 15L/ha to a maximum of 450L/ha.

How long does the battery last?

The duration of our flights is influenced by the weight of our payload. When our tank is empty, we can achieve a flight time of 18 minutes. However, when the tank is full, our flight time reduces to 10 minutes. Despite this, we can typically complete two flights before needing to recharge a battery. To ensure uninterrupted operation, we utilize multiple batteries and a rapid charger, allowing us to maintain continuous operation.

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