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Crop Spray

Introducing our revolutionary drone-based crop protection solution. With advanced GPS/RTK technology, precise spray plans, and efficient operations, our drones offer accurate and efficient aerial application, ensuring maximum crop yield while minimizing damage to crops and land. Contact us for a quote or demo to experience the future of crop protection.

Drones revolutionize aerial crop protection by offering precise and efficient spraying capabilities. Equipped with GPS/RTK technology, our drones conduct autonomous operations, guaranteeing accurate application as we create highly precise spray plans based on field surveys. Additionally, our machines can operate in swarms and during nighttime, further enhancing efficiency.

With drone application, there is zero damage to crops or land, enabling you to maximize your crop yield. Our drones are equipped with propellers that provide optimal downward pressure, ensuring maximum plant penetration. By utilizing accurate pumps and atomizing nozzles with variable droplet sizes, we achieve excellent coverage while minimizing spray drift, especially on calm days.

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With our efficient operations, we can achieve a spray rate of up to 10-15 hectares per hour, depending on the water rate. To ensure continuous operation, we have multiple batteries on charge and utilize pump-filled spray containers to avoid direct chemical contact. For broad acre applications, we charge based on the hectare. 

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