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Roof Cleaning

By harnessing the power of drones, we can efficiently apply moss and mold remover without the need for scaffolding or cumbersome health and safety regulations. Whether it's roofs, glasshouses, or solar panels, our expertise allows us to remove moss, mold, and lichen effectively.

Drones are an excellent solution for roof cleaning, especially in challenging situations where other methods may not be feasible. We can efficiently operate on roofs with sensitive cladding like concrete tiling, greenhouses, industrial buildings, and any structure that can be accessed by flight. By eliminating the need for scaffolding and intricate health and safety measures, we offer a more cost-effective alternative to traditional approaches.

Our autonomous spray system ensures thorough coverage with the precise dosage required based on the severity of the infestation. This level of accuracy results in reduced runoff and overall chemical usage.

Our specially formulated products are highly effective against moss, mould, lichen, and liverwort, eradicating them within a matter of days. However, depending on the severity of the roof condition, natural weathering may take a few months. We typically use a chlorine-free moss killer, which we purchase in bulk to maintain affordability. Additionally, we offer an organic citrus-based alternative.

Image by Mati Flo

We can perform spraying operations throughout the year, although during summer, it is advisable to choose cooler days for better absorption into the moss and lichen.

Thanks to our machine's low noise level, we can effortlessly operate in urban areas or near livestock without causing any disturbances.

We can clean, among others, surfaces like:

  • Residential Home

  • Commercial Greenhouse

  • Solar Panel

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